27th November 2023

Common HR challenges and their solutions

As a small business owner, managing Human Resources (HR) responsibilities and tasks can be daunting and often overwhelming. You may not always have the resources and time available to tackle challenges effectively.

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Effective HR practices are essential for any business owner to overcome HR challenges and achieve their goals. Otherwise, you will find yourself facing the same issues repeatedly.

Here are some of the most common HR challenges and how to solve them:


Attracting and retaining top talent

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Attracting and retaining top talent in today’s competitive job market is not easy. Employees have more choice than ever before. They are looking for companies that offer competitive salaries and benefits like flexible working, as well as opportunities for growth and development.

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To attract and retain top talent, your business should:

  • Offer competitive salaries and benefits packages
  • Create a strong employer brand that highlights the company’s culture, values, and benefits
  • Provide opportunities for employees to learn and grow
  • Create a positive and supportive work environment
  • Consider flexible or hybrid working

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Our outsourced HR services are designed to support your business and help you navigate the entire employee life cycle with ease. 

We support and guide you in managing your people from the onset of your recruitment strategies through to when an employee leaves your business. And we help you build a strong employer brand to help attract and retain top talent.

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Managing employee engagement

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Employee engagement is the level of interest, commitment, and enthusiasm that employees have for their work and their employer. Engaged employees are more productive, efficient, and loyal. However, in a small business setting, engaging employees effectively can be difficult.


To improve employee engagement in your small business, you should:

  • Set clear and achievable goals for employees
  • Provide regular feedback and recognition
  • Create a supportive and collaborative work environment
  • Encourage employees to take initiative and be creative

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As part of what we offer through our Consultancy Services, we will help you plan, manage, and improve employee engagement. Simply contact us today to get started.


Maintaining compliance with employment laws and regulations

⚠️ Challenge

Employment laws and regulations are complex and ever-changing. As a small business owner, you may lack the time and expertise to fully understand the issues and nuances of the laws and regulations in the UK. But you do need to stay up-to-date on the latest changes to ensure that your business is in compliance.


To maintain compliance with employment laws and regulations, you need to:

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures that are in compliance with the law
  • Train managers and employees on company policies and procedures
  • Conduct regular audits to ensure compliance

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Outsourcing your compliance requirements to an external HR consultancy like Symphony HR means you no longer need to keep up with changes in laws and regulations – we do that for you.

We know your business is time-critical, and you don’t have the time to compile complex HR policies for your business  –  so we’ve done the hard work for you! Our range of pre-prepared HR policies have been carefully designed with simplicity in mind, so there’s no complex legal jargon. And, of course, they are legally compliant under UK employment laws.

Our HR policy library consists of 26 practical HR policies that are comprehensive yet compact and concise (making them easy to implement), easy to read and understand, and, of course, fully legally compliant in the UK. Once downloaded, they are ready to adapt to suit your particular business.

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Managing change

⚠️ Challenge

Change is a constant in today’s business world. As well as reacting to a rapidly changing world as a small business owner, you also need to help employees navigate change. This is especially true if you’re managing a fast-growing business experiencing an evolution in your processes or regularly onboarding new employees.


To help employees manage change effectively, you need to:

  • Communicate changes to employees early and often
  • Provide employees with the resources and support they need to adapt to change
  • Help employees see the benefits of change
  • Create a culture of continuous learning and development

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When done poorly, change management can have an adverse effect on performance, staff engagement, and morale. We’re here to help you find ways to ensure people-centric change doesn’t affect productivity and output.

Our HR consultancy and business support services ensure you always have an HR expert available to help you manage change in your small business.


Managing diversity and inclusion

⚠️ Challenge

Diversity and inclusion are essential for any business that wants to be successful. You need to create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and respected.


To create a diverse and inclusive workplace, you should:

  • Develop and implement diversity and inclusion procedures
  • Create an equal opportunities policy
  • Provide training on diversity and inclusion for managers and employees
  • Create a culture where employees feel comfortable speaking up and sharing their ideas
  • Promote diversity and inclusion through recruitment, hiring, and promotion practices

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We’re available to provide the practical support and training you need to create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. Our small business HR outsourcing and support service offers this and more – contact us to get started.

An equal opportunities policy can help your small business get the absolute best out of a diverse workforce and create a positive working environment for all employees. It’s a set of rules and guidance on how you, as an employer, will treat all employees fairly and equally, regardless of their race, sex, religion, disability, or other protected characteristics.

Start by downloading our equal opportunities policy, which you can customise to suit the needs of your business.


Performance management

⚠️ Challenge

Effectively managing employee performance is critical for business success, but it can be very challenging for small businesses with limited resources.


A performance management program can help small businesses effectively manage employee performance. This program should include regular performance reviews, goal setting, and feedback.

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Our HR Consultancy Services help you to improve organisational performance and make your staff more productive.

Tackling poor performance isn’t easy when you have a small, close-knit team of employees. That’s when it becomes essential to have an independent third party like Symphony HR who can guide you on the correct steps to addressing the issues causing that poor performance.

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Time management

⚠️ Challenge

Feeling like you have too many HR tasks and not enough time to complete them (or even start them) is extremely common in a small business setting. Introducing other people into your small business can lighten your load in some respects, but it can also generate even more admin work for you.


Use technology to automate HR tasks. The right HR technology solution can help you automate payroll, benefits administration, recruitment, and other time-consuming HR admin work.

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You need easy-to-use HR-in-a-box software designed for small businesses. As accredited BreatheHR Partners, we provide you with cloud-based HR software to capture and manage all employee data securely in one place. This includes holiday reporting, absence management, onboarding information and Health and Safety documentation.

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Get the support you need to tackle common HR challenges

Your small business will eventually face all these challenges, and others not mentioned here. So, it’s essential to have HR experts on hand to support you. And that’s where Symphony HR come in. We’re here to provide the professional HR advice and support you need when you need it.

Together, we can take proactive steps to address any and all HR challenges you face. And, with these challenges addressed effectively, you can focus on achieving your business goals.

We offer a full range of outsourced HR support services and bespoke HR advice tailored to meet the needs of your business. Call one of our HR problem solvers on 01382 211 222 or 01738 632 561. We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.