Employment Law
6th April 2024

New Flexible Working Rights Came into Effect today, 6 April 2024

New Flexible Working Rights 2024

The new rights around flexible working requests, which come into force today, stand to benefit millions of workers in Scotland, England and Wales. Employees now have the right to request flexible working from their first day in a new job.  


  • This is now a day 1 right for employees
  • New requirements for employers to consult with the employee before rejecting their flexible working request.
  • Employees can now make two statutory requests in any 12-month period (rather than the previous one request).
  • Waiting times for decisions to be made (within which an employer administers the statutory request) are reduced from three months to two months.
  • The employee is no longer required to explain what effect, if any, the change applied for would have on the employer and how that effect might be dealt with.

Employers can of course reject a request, but any rejection will still have to comply with seven stated reasons.  For example extra costs damaging the business or impacts on quality and performance.

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