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How certain are you that you’re adequately covered by your current HR policies?

We know your business is time critical and you don’t have the time to compile complex HR policies for your business  –  so, we’ve had the hard work done for you! They have been carefully designed with simplicity in mind so no complex legal jargon and of course they are legally compliant under UK employment laws in 2024.

Disciplinary Policy

*Ultimate HR Policies Package*

The full suite of 26 policies to provide the best value for employers or busy HR departments! Includes the latest and most up to date policies covering not only changes to Flexible Working as of 6 April 2024 but also updates for Holidays (the dreaded new calculations) Maternity and Family Friendly, Data Protection, Redundancy, Religious and National Holiday Celebrations .
Recruitment Policy Template

Recruitment Policy Template

This Recruitment Policy Template is perfect for any business requiring a legally compliant, affordable and flexible solution to this common HR requirement.

Holiday Policy Document

This Holiday Policy document will show a small business owner how to ensure holiday calculations and leave entitlements are clearly defined and understood by all including rules for part year or irregular hours workers.
flexible working policy template

Flexible Working and Predictable Terms Policy Template

This Flexible Working Policy Template features simple to understand guidelines on how flexible working and predictable terms can be balanced to meet the needs of the organisation and ideal working conditions for employees.
Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy Template

This Equal Opportunities Policy covers all aspects of how employees are treated by a Company and includes all protected characteristics of diversity as detailed under the Equality Act 2010.
Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Drugs & Alcohol Policy Template

This Drugs & Alcohol Policy Template details how to fulfil your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your workforce and any external individuals who come into contact with your organisation from individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Wellbeing Policy template

Wellbeing Policy Template

This Wellbeing Policy Template details how to identify wellbeing issues, mitigate their effects, and support your people through difficult times, whether because of issues at home or at work so they stay engaged and absence rates are kept low.
Menopause Policy Template

Menopause Policy Template

This Menopause Policy details how to create an environment in which all your employees feel informed about the menopause and are comfortable and confident talking about its impact.
Maternity & Family Friendly Policy Template

Maternity & Family Friendly Policy Template

This Maternity & Family Friendly Policy Template is a comprehensive and detailed policy covering procedures for all types of family-related leave and pay, including details of employees’ statutory rights.
Homeworking Policy Template

Homeworking Policy Template

This Homeworking Policy Template details how to apply for homeworking, and the things to take into account when considering employees’ requests.
Social Media Policy Template

Social Media Policy Template

This Social Media Policy is a thorough policy that explains employee responsibilities when using social media, on your premises, while working for or representing your organisation, or in their own time.
Harassment & Bullying Policy Template

Harassment & Bullying Policy Template

This Harassment & Bullying Policy details how to provide a safe working environment for all employees free from harassment, bullying and intimidation.
Performance Improvement Policy

Performance Improvement Policy Template

This Performance Improvement Policy Template offers detailed guidance on the step by step process for handling performance improvement issues.
Absence Management Policy

Absence Management Policy Template

This Absence Management Policy Template contains proven procedures for reporting and managing absences and sick pay.
Grievance Policy Template

Grievance Policy Template

This Grievance Policy Template details how to deal with complaints, concerns, and problems to do with employment fairly and consistently.
Whistleblowing Policy Template

Whistleblowing Policy Template

This Whistleblowing Policy contains guidance for employees who suspect something at work is putting them or others in danger, or is illegal or unethical.
Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy Template

This Anti-Bribery & Corruption policy outlines the responsibilities of employees to adhere to the high standards your organisation sets for conducting your business affairs.
Data Protection & GDPR Policy

Data Protection – GDPR Policy Template

This comprehensive Data Protection & GDPR policy outlines the organisation’s legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) in respect of data privacy and security.
Modern Slavery Policy

Modern Slavery Policy Template

This Modern Slavery Policy details how to prevent modern slavery in your organisation to ensure this practice is stamped out.
Disciplinary Policy
Disciplinary policy

Disciplinary Policy Template

This is a Disciplinary policy covering your organisation’s procedures relating to disciplinary issues where there is suspicion of misconduct.
Redundancy Policy

Redundancy Policy Template

This Redundancy policy sets out how you want to treat your employees if you need to reduce the number of people you employ.
Right to Work Policy

Right to Work Policy Template

This Right to Work Policy details the minimum documentation foreign nationals are required to produce to demonstrate their eligibility to work in this country.
Religious and National Holiday Policy

Religious and National Holiday Policy Template

This Religious and National Holiday Policy details how to ensure employees can observe and celebrate their religious and national holidays in accordance with their beliefs and cultural practices whilst balancing the competing interests of the organisation’s needs.
Car Policy

Car Policy Template

This Car Policy offers detailed guidance on sourcing a vehicle, arranging insurance, paying road tax and ensuring MOT testing.
Computers, Email and Internet Policy

Computers, Email and Internet Policy Template

These Computers, Email and Internet Policy offer guidelines on how all employees are expected to use company computers, email, and internet access in a responsible and professional manner, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Appraisal Policy

Appraisal Policy Template

This Appraisal Policy offers instructions on how managers in the organisation will conduct performance appraisals for all employees covering frequency, timing, scope and outcome.
Training and Development Policy

Training and Development Policy Template

This Training and Development Policy details how the company is committed to providing employees with opportunities for training and development to help them improve their skills, knowledge, and performance through the use of individual training plans.

Our HR policy library consists of 26 HR policies that are:

  • Compact and concise, making them easy to implement
  • Practical, with effective and efficient HR processes born from years of employment law experience
  • Easy to read and understand by colleagues at every level of your business
  • Comprehensive, covering the full range of tricky employment issues busy business owners have to deal with every day
  • Fully legally compliant, having included every relevant employment legislation change since 2020 right up to and including 2024
  • Developed by one of UK’s leading employment law barristers and
  • Peer reviewed by some of the brightest legal minds in the profession.

Once downloaded, (in Word) they are ready to adapt to suit your particular business.

Each policy provides you and your business with the protection and flexibility you need when employing people and importantly they are easily understood by everyone.

Symphony HR has a flexible package that allows you to tailor the HR policies to your specific needs and gives you 3 options to choose from.

Package Options:

All prices stated are subject to VAT being added.

  • OPTION 1: An individual Policy of your choosing – £55
  • OPTION 2: A package of any 5 Policies or more – Enjoy a 20% Discount (Applied at checkout)
  • OPTION 3: The Full suite of Policies – £675

Still thinking about investing in these HR policies?

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