Employment Law
2nd April 2024

Latest Government Rate Increases – Effective from April 2024

Back in November last year, we provided the latest increases to the Minimum Wage scheduled for 1 April 2024.  We have now compiled all of the relevant increases that are due to come into event from April 2024 in one easy table for you to see at a glance.




Old rate


New rate


Date changes effective from



National Minimum Wage
(per hour)


23 and over: £10.42 21-22: £10.18

18-20: £7.49

Under 18: £5.28


21 and over: £11.44

18-20: £8.60

Under 18: £6.40



1 April 2024


Maximum compensatory award for Unfair Dismissal









6 April 2024


Statutory guarantee pay


£35 per day


£38 per day


6 April 2024


Statutory sick pay


£109.40 per week


£116.75 per week


6 April 2024


A week’s pay for Statutory Redundancy Pay


£643 per week


£700 per week


6 April 2024





Vento bands in Discrimination cases




·   a lower band of

£1,100 to £11,200;

·   a middle band of

£11,200 to £33,700;


·   an upper band of

£33,700 to £56,200



·   a lower band of

£1,200 to £11,700;

·   a middle band of

£11,700 to £35,200;


·   an upper band of

£35,200 to £58,700






6 April 2024


Statutory maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay, shared parental pay and parental bereavement pay



£172.48 per week



£184.03 per week



7 April 2024

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