9th April 2021

New working models after Covid-19 restrictions lifted

What will your workplace or office look like post Covid-19  restrictions, and how will you prepare?

Employers will undoubtedly be looking at the size of their premises and if they are still suitable when all safety measures have been implemented. This will also include consideration of either moving to larger or small premises.   Will this be a return to what was in place pre-Covid-19 or will it be a fully remote model; or a hybrid of home and office working?

Unless you have sufficient physical space, and appropriate safety measure in place, a return to pre-Covid-19 work model may not be possible.  Even if it is possible, you will still need to consider the possibility that  employees may not wish to return to the ‘office’. This can be for various reasons.

Some employers have already made the decision to allow employees much more control over their working pattern. This has meant making flexible working the norm rather than the exception. Examples include  the ability to work from home a couple of days a week, and start earlier or later to suit their personal  circumstances.  Now, of course, your organisation may not be able to go to such extremes but we need to recognise the last year or so has shown the business world how it can adapt and work effectively.

Regardless of what your revised work model may look like, you should also be considering the implications of the employment contract, salaries and benefits packages including any changes that may be needed. Good communication and employee engagement will go a long way to smoothing out any transition processes that may be necessary for a healthy and positive return to the workplace.

So, what does your business have organised for a return to the workplace?

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