Employment Law
3rd February 2023

Belief Discrimination in the UK – An Effective Employer Defense

Randall v Trent College Ltd (and others)

In the case of Randall v Trent College Ltd and others, a school chaplain claimed religion and belief discrimination by his employer.

The Facts (brief version)

The Employment Tribunal rejected his claim, stating that his treatment resulted from the objectionable manifestation of his belief, rather than his belief itself. The school had received numerous complaints regarding his sermons on gender equality, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ+ rights. Some students and staff found these sermons offensive. Although the school had asked him to stop giving such sermons, he continued.  This led to his dismissal for gross misconduct. However, the dismissal was later reduced to a final written warning. His role eventually became redundant.


The Tribunal found the redundancy of his role was genuine, that the school’s actions were neither discriminatory or harassing. Employers can learn from this case.  They should be able to demonstrate their genuine redundancy consultations, have clear policies and communicate conduct issues early.  Employers must be also clear about reasons for any negative actions taken against employees.

More detailed information can be seen at Randall v Trent College Ltd