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This Holiday Policy Template document is legally compliant and includes legislative changes effective from April 2024.  It is easy to understand and ready to edit, for your business needs.

The Holiday Policy includes calculation of holidays; irregular hours workers and part year workers.

It has been created by the UK’s leading employment law barristers and has been peer-reviewed.

It will be emailed upon checkout in a fully editable Word document format.

This Holiday Policy document will show a small business owner how to ensure holiday calculations and leave entitlements are clearly defined and understood by all including rules for part year or irregular hours workers.

It offers clear guidelines on how employees should request time off, how much they will be paid and what happens if they are sick while on holiday.

There are also instructions on how to handle holiday entitlement for long term absence and what happens when an employee leaves the company.

NEW Updated to include 2024 legislation changes.

And much more…

Each of our HR policy documents are:

  • Compact and concise, making them easy to implement
  • Practical, with effective and efficient HR processes born from years of employment law experience
  • Easy to read and understand by colleagues at every level of your business
  • Comprehensive, covering the full range of tricky employment issues busy HR professionals have to deal with every day
  • Fully legally compliant including every relevant employment legislation change being implemented in 2024
  • Developed and published by the UK’s leading employment law barrister and
  • Peer reviewed by some of the brightest legal minds in the profession.
  • Once downloaded, (in Word) they are ready to adapt to suit your particular business.


Why Do You Need Them?


You’re eager to make sure the HR policies you’re responsible for don’t come back and bite you at some point in the future.

You know that having a set of HR Policies that are concise, easy for the employees to follow and legally compliant will help you sleep easier at night.

It’s been a while since you updated your current policy suite and you appreciate they’ve been published by the UK’s leading Employment Barrister whose job it is to keep on top of current legislation.

  • You’re eager to ensure that your HR policies comply with all current employment laws;
  • You need policies that are concise, and easy for your employees to understand and;
  • You need peace of mind to help you sleep at night in the knowledge they are compliant and can’t come back to bite you;
  • You want to save significant time by avoiding the need to create these policies from scratch but in the knowledge you are assured they have been professionally written and audited;
  • You cannot recall the last time you updated your HR policies, and you value that our policies are constructed by one of the UK’s Employment Law Barristers whose specific role involves staying abreast of current legislation.

Is This Template Of Use For You?

These products are suitable for all types of businesses and are primarily designed for SME’s and Start-up businesses with simplicity in mind and not tied up in legal jargon. We want you and your employees to understand every policy. So, whether you have only one or two employees or one hundred employees, we have the answers you need now to ensure you are up to date with employment law changes that start coming into effect in April 2024 AND beyond!

Template Policy Document Preview

IMPORTANT: If any of our policies need updated during the course of 2024, we will automatically update them for you at no extra charge and you can download them at any time that suits you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every organisation employing people will need policies and procedures. Our policies are legally compliant, concise, easy to understand, and they include all new current employment law changes coming into force in 2024. We have also done the hard work for you so that all you have to do is adapt them to suit your organisation.

Every organisation employing people need to have some rules and policies in place so that employees know what is expected of them. By law, employers must have disciplinary and grievance procedures in place in accordance with ACAS Code of Practice. In addition, where you employ 5 or more employees, employers must also have a health and safety policy. This of course is the very basic minimum and in practice far more policies are needed to allow a business employing people to function properly therefore we strongly recommend going beyond the very basic requirements as a matter of best practice and would therefore recommend you also have the following:

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
    Flexible Working Policy
    Bribery Policy and
    Data Protection Policy

Why wait till you have a problem before deciding you need a policy in place.

You should start by gathering any policies currently in use in your business. You may find several versions of the same policy actually exist, or you may find that key policies are missing. Review the policies you currently have and check how long it has been since they were last reviewed. Then make a list of all the policies you need and that will be your starting point. If your business is moving from a position of only having a couple of policies or none at all, you can then focus on introducing a few key policies first which we would recommend as:

  • Discipline and Grievance Procedures
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Bribery Policy and Data Protection Policy

There is right or wrong approach, choose the approach that’s right for you and your business and one that will provide a smooth transition and implementation.

Policies are a good way setting out rules and obligations that apply to your employees that are written in a clear and easily understood format. We ensure they clearly explain what you expect of your employees in certain areas (for example equal opportunities and harassment and bullying), and they also set out what you will do to help your employees in different circumstances (for example, if they are pregnant or absent from work or want to take holidays).

Each policy we have had designed and developed is done in a concise and simple manner that is easy to understand regardless of position held in an organisation. Easy to follow at all levels of an organisation, employers will not be disappointed with their purchase.
We currently have 26 policies for you and our library will continue to develop. However, our 26 policies cover everything you will need in helping you to manage your people. They also include compliance with new legislation coming into place in April 2024 such as new laws on holiday pay, flexible working arrangements, requests for predictable working patters and………. much, much more.
Yes, they most definitely are. Much time and effort has gone into the content of these policies, making sure that current legislation is followed at all times. This also saves you time in having to source this information on your own, with you not having to worry if you have missed something important. We have left no stone unturned.
You can buy whatever number you choose. Each policy is crafted as a stand-alone policy, with cross referencing kept to a minimum. This gives you the ability to use some policies but not others – that choice is yours to make. This is also helpful as it allows you to stagger the introduction of policies if you believe that this would lead to a smoother implementation process.
Whilst we hold all the relevant qualifications and possess the experience required to develop our policies, we work very closely with a leading employment law barrister who develops these policies for us. They are then peer audited and of course we would not use these policies ourselves unless we were 100% confident of their accuracy and source. We have been using this methodology successfully for a number of years now.

The policies are intended to be ‘ready to go’ however there is likely to be a small amount of edits needed to ensure the policies align with the terminology in your business and covers the areas you need it to.

There are clear guidelines giving you the information you need to select the correct section. These guidelines are in the form of optional wording in square brackets. Consider each time whether you want a specific option of wording to be included in your policy or delete or edit as appropriate to give you the perfect policy for your organisation.

The policies are fully editable in Word format and contain guides such as this extract from our Maternity and Family Friendly Policy:
This Policy is drafted to reflect statutory entitlements. If you offer any enhanced entitlements to leave and/or pay, then you should insert details of these entitlements as well.

Or from our Holiday Policy:
* Note that deductions can only be made from an employee’s wages/salary if there is the express right to make deductions contained in the employment contract. Just having it in this Policy is not enough.

If any of the policies you have purchased involve legal updates in the first year of purchase, they will automatically be updated. As you will create an account for yourself when you make your purchase, you can download your document(s) at any time, using your log in details.

We realise there may be glitches from time to time with an internet purchase, such as a download link not working or a corrupt file and although this is unlikely, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist you and help you get the files you paid for.

Of course we can do this expertly for you. We will work with you – for you to provide all the policies you need including contracts of employment and an employee handbook. Contact us at let’

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible due to the digital nature of the purchase from our website. This is to protect our content from those who purchase, download, get a refund but still use the content. In addition, as our documents are digitally held, there is no way of ‘returning the product’ to us. We do, however wish you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any issues, please do get in touch and we will endeavour to help find the best solution.